Seven Hills Capital invests exclusively in healthcare services companies. We build distinct investment theses around sectors and partner with management teams to achieve success.

Having operated companies we understand the challenges associated with running a business in today's environment and the unique set of attributes it requires. Additionally, we have spent our careers in healthcare, so we understand the nuances associated with the ever-changing industry landscape.

We believe in building businesses as opposed to portfolios; therefore, we focus on a limited amount of opportunities in order to ensure each partnership receives adequate resources.

Operator Centric

We build long-term partnerships geared towards achieving shared success. Seven Hill's was founded by experienced operators who understand that customers, patients, employees, regulations, and day to day surprises present enough challenges - partners and investors shouldn't add to them.

Healthcare Focus

Seven Hills focuses exclusively on the healthcare services industry. We work to deeply understand areas that we believe can benefit from consolidation, innovation, or structural disruption. While we may have to work to understand a partner's business model - we will not have to work to understand the competitive landscape.